Royal Serenity


11 x 14 inch / Oil on Paper
This painting was created as part of my water and color study. The soft waves depict the calming and serene feelings, while the use of the purpoe shades esrves as a nod to nobility and royalty.

This painting was created for a collector who wanted something that reflected the power and energy of women. The subject is inspired by the image of the collector. The flames in the water represent the resilience of women who have continued to thrive in a world that was not necessarily built for them.

The Octopus

36 x 24 inch / Oil on Canvas
It has been said that the octopus' arm is a mind of its own. It can operate completely separate from its central brain. This is ar andom fact about octopuses that I love and feel like I connect to. As an artist and lawyer, I am constantly asked how I balance the two worlds...or how it is even possible to be both. I like to think that my arms have a brain and talent of their own. I never believed in limits. One part of me does not hinder the other.

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